From the Desk of President

“You con not cross the sea merely
by standing and staring at the water ”

                                                                        – R.N.Tagore

Education is both the act of teaching knowledge to others and the act of receiving knowledge from someone else. You can gain your knowledge from books and other sources of knowledge, but to be well trained and professional you need to get a sweet touch of best institutions.   A quality education and training can be full filled with the best infrastructure and administration of the institution. We all know that teachers are the back bone of our society. Therefore to build a best society and we need the best teachers. Considering the teacher training our institution provides best quality education and training.

Our Journey : The journey of thousand miles beings with a single step. In spite of many hindrance and obstacle we stranded our journey in begging of 2013 and we passed the first miles stone on 29th   June 2014, with the foundation of our institution. Our dream comes time on 4th July 2014, when our institution gets it life with the students.