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Zapata’s objection to taking the governorship could very well have been that the well-connected hoped to use him for symbolic purposes without allowing real change to take place. 28 Troubles quickly pulled Zapata away from his domestic retirement and back into revolutionary activity. NOTES 1. Rosa E. King, Tempest over Mexico: A Personal Chronicle (New York: Little Brown, 1940 [1935]), 59. 2. Quoted in Julia Preston and Samuel Dillon, Opening Mexico: The Making of a Democracy (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2005), 46.

The Leyvistas were not initially out to win the election, despite their putting forth a candidate. Rather, they wanted to discuss, and actually began to do so, the problem of Escandón’s candidacy with Díaz’s political machine so that a more acceptable candidate could be found. That plan, while never completely abandoned, was altered when an independent group from Mexico City, the Democrats, became involved and started working toward getting Leyva votes. They began establishing political clubs throughout Morelos, about 25 in all, in the latter part of January.

From the start, the stories about him consisted of a mixture of truth and myth. Rosa King’s hotel manager, Willie Nevin, for example, captured the spirit of Zapata’s history if not its exact facts when he reported to his boss, “There’s a fellow over near Cuautla-Emiliano Zapata’s his name-who’s been stirring up the people. It seems the hacienda annexed his father’s milpa. ”1 Zapata did not rest on his success. When the Hospital hacienda sought rent for the land later in 1910, he refused to pay it in Anenecuilco’s name, explaining that the villagers had nothing to pay because the harvest had been bad that year.

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