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Due to the continuity of the normal magnetic induction component Bn1=Bn2, where Bn1=μ1μ0H1; Bn2=μ2μ0H2. For example, in glasses (μ2=1; therefore at the boundary of contact of the glass with the magnetic abrasive particle an additional variable magnetic field of strength H1 > H0 appears. In (Levin, M. N. , 2003; Orlov, A. M. , 2001; Makara, V. A. , 2001; Rakomsin, 2000), magnetic field-induced effects in silicon are considered: a nonmonotonic change in the crystal lattice parameters in the surface layer of silicon, the gettering of defects on the surface, the change in the sorption properties of the silicon surface, and the change in the mobility of the edge dislocations and in the microhardness of silicon.

3. Time change in the tangential component of the electric-field strength at a distance of 1 μm (1), 5 μm (2), and 10 μm (3) from the surface of the medium at λ 1 = 100, λ 2 = 1000, ε1 = ε 2 = 1, μ1 = μ2 = 1, and ω = 1014 Hz. t, sec. The results of our simulation (Fig. 4) have shown that a high-frequency electromagnetic wave propagating in a layered medium is damped out rapidly, whereas a low-frequency electromagnetic wave penetrates into such a medium to a greater depth. The model developed was also used for calculating the propagation of a modulated signal of frequency 20 kHz in a layered medium.

Sautbekov, S. S. (2000). Method of Generalized Functions For Solving Stationary Boundary Value Proplems For Maxwell’s Equations. Comput. Math. and Math. , Vol. 40, No. 4, 582-593. Barkeshli, S. (1993). An efficient asymptotic closed-form dyadic Green’s function for grounded double-layered anisotropic uniaxial material slabs, J. Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, Vol. 7, No. 6, 833-856. Born, M. & Wolf, E. (1999). Principles of Optics. Electromagnetic Theory of Propagation, Interference and Dffraction of Light, 7th ed.

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