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By Sam Gill, Irene F. Sullivan

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It really is like what it says at the identify. A dictionary. it isn't what I name a definitive resource, yet it really is okay.

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The overriding necessity for ensuring ie continuity, however, meant that in practice, the eldest son could be replaced by another son. This was rarely done but existed as a normative and legal possibility. If no qualified son were available, a married daughter could take on the inheritance, and her husband would be adopted by her father into the family and take on the surname of the ie. This is still relatively common in families who own productive property (farmland, family manufacturing businesses, even Kabuki acting families).

Next after her is a male, Takamimusubi-no-kami, who is one of the originals but who features far less, perhaps because he was the patron deity/ancestor of a lesser, or losing, clan in some long-forgotten internecine squabble. 1. The Original Kami Many of the kami of this category are barely defined in the myth beyond their name. These kami all come into existence from nothing, springing into being without any explanation. Some of them appear as single deities, while others appear as pairs (with the implication of male and female).

Then in the eighteenth century, as a result of political events, some Japanese scholars started taking an interest in the “Japanese” elements of their religion, trying to separate it from the “foreign” elements, notably Buddhism. The Kπjiki became fashionable again. When the shogunal government was toppled by middle-class samurai of non-Tokugawa fiefs in 1868, part of their motivation was derived from the ideology of Shintπ/Japanese nationalism started in the eighteenth century. Very quickly—in 1873—the new government forcibly separated Buddhism and Shintπ, forcing Ryπbu Shintπ (Two Schools Shintπ) and its honji-suijaku 31 32 Handbook of Japanese Mythology theories to abandon all Buddhist ties and ideology.

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