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During this publication, homogeneous cosmological types whose Hamilton-Jacobi equation is separable are deparametrized through turning their motion sensible into that of a regular gauge method. Canonical gauges imposed at the gauge process are used to outline an international section time by way of the canonical variables of the minisuperspaces. The method sincerely exhibits how the geometry of the constraint floor restricts the alternative of time. the implications that this has for direction imperative quantization are mentioned, and the transition amplitude is acquired for relativistic isotropic versions, relativistic anisotropic types (Kantowski-Sachs and Taub) and isotropic string cosmologies. an entire bankruptcy concerning the software of the deparametrization software to the standard canonical quantization scheme can also be incorporated.

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During this booklet, homogeneous cosmological versions whose Hamilton-Jacobi equation is separable are deparametrized by means of turning their motion practical into that of a standard gauge procedure. Canonical gauges imposed at the gauge procedure are used to outline an international part time when it comes to the canonical variables of the minisuperspaces.

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