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Prima retains You ALIVE* specialist classes take you from the fundamentals to the complicated techniques.* complete circulate lists for all characters!* The paintings of Fighting--strategies to deliver your combating talents to a complete new level.* vast personality research: most sensible juggles, best/worst match-ups, offensive and shielding strategies.* on-line play details to get you into the global neighborhood, and retain you aggressive!

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What Jann Lee is really searching for is the elation, the heat, that comes from trading blows with one who is truly powerful. The Dead or Alive Martial Arts Tournament…this is the only reason that Jann Lee attempts to breach the strongholds of the victorious. Dragon Fist , ,A+ Combo High Kick , , Dragon Storm , ,X+ , Combo Thrust Low Spin , ,x+ , Sonic Spin Kick ,D+ , Sonic Low Spin Kick ,D+ ,X+ Sonic Uppercut ,X+ , Character Profile Sonic Step Middle ,X+ , Combo Low Spin Kick ,x+ , Jab, High Kick , Body Uppercut D+ , Body Step Middle D+ , Body Low Spin Kick D+ ,X+ Dragon Fire A+ , Triple Fire Fist W+ , , Combo Rear High Kick W+ , , Flash Upper C+ Upper Knuckle E+ Double Dragon Blast Z+ , Hammer High Combo Z+ , Flash Spin Kick D,D+ , Flash Low Spin Kick D,D+ ,X+ Raising Dragon A,A+ , Raising Dragon A,A+ Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do Nationality: Chinese Gender: Male Birthday: November 27 Age: 20 Blood Type: AB Height/Weight 177 cm/75 kg or 5’10”/165 lbs Body Size: B99 cm, W80 cm, H92 cm or B39”, W31”, H36” Occupation: Bouncer Favorite Foods: Hamburgers, Grapefruit Hobbies: Watching Action Movies Character Rating Offense: 9 Defense: 5 Evasion: 6 Ground Game: 7 Wall Game: 10 Learning Curve: 4 Overall: 7 Protected by copyright.

Think of them as another way of counterholding. Kokoro’s sabaki attacks (Unshoshu and Hotei-Hisho) deflect all high punches and kicks. The timing is very strict, so you must practice the move in Sparring Mode to get it down. Once you have it mastered, however, you can use it after attacks that grant frame advantage when blocked (such as Ryogi-Chu, or after any attack after which the opponent is likely to counterattack). This is one of Kokoro’s best defensive tools. Q+ SHINSO-KAIMON—Most multithrows in Dead or Alive can be broken fairly easily, but Kokoro’s Shinso-Kaimon executes quite a bit faster than many of the other multi-throws in the game.

They work best against big attacks such as Ayane’s GenmuSo. You can also use Dragon Sweep to go under all high attacks and throws when you time it properly. Jann Lee’s other primary defensive tools are his midpunch counter and his Dragon Gunner. His mid-punch counter will leave the opponent stunned, allowing Jann Lee to follow it up with a wide variety of options, including his Dragon Kick, Sonic Spin Kick, Dragon Fire, or Dragon Gunner. His Dragon Gunner goes through all high and mid attacks, and can be used whenever you anticipate that your opponent will try to go on the offensive.

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