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By Valerie Worth

ISBN-10: 1567188117

ISBN-13: 9781567188110

This captivating little magic ebook holds the rigorously guarded secrets and techniques clever girl of bygone days can have penned in her grimoire by means of candlelight. natural elixirs, strong charms, amulets, balms for all people who come to her looking their heart's hope: superior well-being and therapeutic, security, love, marriage, fertility, wealth, youthfulness, beauty.

Quaint and mystic, this treasury of lore additionally describes twelve rituals to lead you thru the mysteries of a whole yr of seasons. commence with an ice-sparkling rite for the 1st day of the yr and have fun the iciness solstice in a wonderful burst of pink and gold hearth. every one rite grows out of the unchanging truths of the cycle of seasons and of the universe itself. 

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