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By Professor Dr. William D. Willis (auth.)

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A later study by Chiang et al. (1979) showed that lesions either of the NRM or of the raphe dorsalis or medianus (but not of the raphe pallidus or obscurus) produced a reduction in acupuncture analgesia lasting 1 - 2 weeks. The lesions were either electrolytic or chemical; in the latter case, the neurotoxin 5,6-dihydroxytryptamine was injected in order to restrict the lesion to serotonergic neurons. The involvement of an opiate mechanism in acupuncture analgesia is strongly suggested by the fact that the analgesia can be antagonized in both humans and animals by naloxone (Fig.

1973 (dopamine in caudate); Reinhold et al. 1973; Saarhivaara 1969b], have no effect [Fennessy and Lee 1970; Medakovie and Banie 1964 (rats); York and Maynert 1978 (tail flick)], or enhance [Buxbaum et al. 1973; Cicero et al. 1974; Major and Pleuvry 1971 (AMPT); Nakamura et al. 1973 (norepinephrine in hypothalamus); York and Maynert 1978 (squeal threshold)] morphine analgesia. When morphine analgesia is reduced by catecholamine depletion, it may be restored by administration of L-dopa (Ayhan 1972; Saaraivaara 1969b).

1975; Chiang et al. 1973; Croze et al. 1976; Goldberger and Tursky 1976; Kaada 1974; Stewart et al. 1977; however, see Brennan et al. 1973; Day et al. 1975; Kroger 1973). Signal detection studies suggest that in the case of painful stimulation of the skin, acupuncture produces a change in response criterion (Clark and Yang 1974; however, see Chapman et Analgesia from Peripheral Stimulation 27 al. 1977; Hayes et al. 1975), whereas with tooth pulp stimulation as the test of pain, acupuncture results in a reduction in sensory sensitivity as well (Chapman et al.

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