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By Aeschylus, John Stuart Blackie

This number of the whole Works of Aeschylus has all the following works: Agamemnon, Prometheus certain, The Eumenides, The Persians, The Seven opposed to Thebes, The Suppliants, Choephorae or, the Libation-Bearers

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In 480, Aeschylus was called into service again at the Battle of Salamis. This battle holds a prominent place in his earliest surviving play, The Persians, first performed in 472 BC, winning the first prize at the Dionysia festival. Aeschylus was initiated into the Eleusinian Mysteries, a cult to Demeter founded in his hometown. Members of the cult were supposed to have gained mystical knowledge and, according to Aristotle, Aeschylus had revealed the cult's secrets on stage. Some claim that an angry mob tried to kill Aeschylus, but he managed to flee the scene.

Soon as the golden sun was set, and night Advanced, each train'd to ply the dashing oar, Assumed his seat; in arms each warrior stood, Troop cheering troop through all the ships of war. Each to the appointed station steers his course; And through the night his naval force each chief Fix'd to secure the passes. Night advanced, But not by secret flight did Greece attempt To escape. The morn, all beauteous to behold, Drawn by white steeds bounds o'er the enlighten'd earth; At once from ev'ry Greek with glad acclaim Burst forth the song of war, whose lofty notes The echo of the island rocks return'd, Spreading dismay through Persia's hosts, thus fallen From their high hopes; no flight this solemn strain Portended, but deliberate valour bent On daring battle; while the trumpet's sound Kindled the flames of war.

XERXES And in the anguish of my soul I rent My royal robes. CHORUS Wo, wo! XERXES And more than wo. CHORUS Redoubled, threefold wo! XERXES Disgrace to me, But triumph to the foe. CHORUS Are all thy powers In ruin crush'd? XERXES No satrap guards me now. CHORUS Thy faithful friends sunk in the roaring main. XERXES Weep, weep their loss, and lead me to my house; Answer my grief with grief, an ill return Of ills for ills. Yet once more raise that strain Lamenting my misfortunes; beat thy breast, Strike, heave the groan; awake the Mysian strain To notes of loudest wo; rend thy rich robes, Pluck up thy beard, tear off thy hoary locks, And battle thine eyes in tears: thus through the streets Solemn and slow with sorrow lead my steps; Lead to my house, and wail the fate of Persia.

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