Cloak of the Illuminati: Secrets, Transformations, Crossing by William Henry PDF

By William Henry

ISBN-10: 1931882231

ISBN-13: 9781931882231

Millions of years in the past stargate expertise of the gods used to be misplaced. Mayan Prophecy says it is going to go back by means of 2012, besides our alignment with the heart of our galaxy. it will deliver the start of a brand new matrix and a brand new human. we're its elders. Highlights of this booklet contain: Examples of stargates and wormholes within the old international; learn myths and scripture with hidden references to a stargate cloak worn by means of the Illuminati, together with Mari, Nimrod, Elijah, and Jesus; See infrequent pictures of gods and goddesses donning the Cloak of the illuminati; the right way to wear the internal Cloak of the Illuminati; find out about Saddam Hussein and the key lacking library of Jesus; discover the key Roman period eugenics experiments on the Temple of Hathor in Denderah, Egypt; discover the replica of the Stargate Pillar of the Gods within the Illuminists mystery backyard in Nashville, TN; observe the secrets and techniques of manna, the nutrition of the angels; proportion the misplaced Peace Prayer posture of Osiris, Jesus and the Illuminati; What the governments view of humanity as a collective hive capability to you; the consequences of recent nano expertise in your religious development; How TARA (compassion) will triumph over TERROR and produce a brand new non secular politics, and stargate know-how will convey actual PEACE; event a brand new manner of knowing ourselves and our destiny. Chapters comprise: The Illuminist’s mystery backyard; Seven Stars below 3 Stars; Manna; The lengthy stroll; Squaring the Circle; The Mill of the Host; The Miracle Garment;The Fig; Nimrod: The powerful guy; Nebuchadnezzar’s Gate; the hot effective guy, extra.

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This metallic heaven-sent bread, notes Laurence 1 Gardner, was used to feed the Light body, as against the physical body, and the Light body (the Egyptian KA) was deemed to be the consciousness. As far back as 2200 BC, the pharaohs were using this supplement to enhance their pituitary and pineal activity, thereby activating their mental ability - but only the Skilled Ones (the alchemists with the secrets of the skill/skull ) of the mystery schools knew the secret of its manufacture. Nearly all languages had a cognate of this word, the basic meaning of which was ma-ternal, ma-gic, supernatural ma-gnetic force and a title of the Mediatrix, Ma-Ma or Queen of Heaven, who was known as the Lady of the Mill.

The food we eat, the air we breathe, the people we meet all come from this same Matrix. This validates us to know that we are just as amazing as the next person. The metaphor of the soul as a fish out of water is carried over into the laws of Earth. 2 Waiting for the (c)argo in the delivery room (“the berth,” or “the dock”) is a state-licensed doc(k) who examines the manifest being and certifies live birth. A certificate of live birth, or manifest, is written itemizing the details of the docking, as well as the condition of the cargo for presentation to officials.

9 Fear and terror destabilize this ability. ”10 We will blossom. The word trump means in original Greek, a vibration, tone, wave, or reverberation. 11 David’s harp is another example of such an instrument. ) As we will explore, humanity is in the process of changing itself physically, emotionally and spiritually to receive and live in a new Transmission. This is about more than becoming decorative blossoms. Activating our inner potential may be our only chance for evolution and survival. If we bring ourselves into alignment with it, it will raise the entire race beyond the petty confines of our limited existence.

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