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Prestigious members summarize present wisdom in regards to the biosynthesis of tetrapyrrole pigments--chlorophyll, haem, nutrition B12. Describes the constitution and law of key enzymes in addition to numerous pathways, molecular genetic experiences and structural characterization of the typical biosynthetic intermediates.


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The uroporphyrinogen methylase is thus a small multifunctional enzyme. 1994 The biosynthesis of the tetrapyrrole pigments. 37) and uroporphyrinogen methylase not only play respective roles in the biosynthesis of ALA and sirohaem but also play key roles in regulating flux through the tetrapyrrolic biosynthetic pathway. When these proteins are overexpressed in Escherichia coli they give rise to fluorescent recombinant strains which are easily identifiable under UV light owing to the build up of porphyrinoid material.

Arigoni: That is not quite true. You must correct the experimental pK value with the constant for the equilibrium between the open and closed forms. Krautler: By measuring the isoelectric point you would get information on that. Castelfranco: Dr Kannangara, in your opening remarks you said that 5-aminolaevulinate (ALA) is made by two different pathways for the biosynthesis of haem and chlorophyll. What you mean is that plants and certain bacteria have the C5 pathway, whether or not they have chlorophyll, whereas other organisms such as yeast have the Shemin pathway.

I. Scott & P. Spencer, personal communication). The evidence that we have presented here demonstrates that CysG is a multifunctional enzyme which is capable of catalysing three separate reactions. Firstly, it catalyses two SAM-dependent C-methylations at positions 2 and 7 of uroporphyrinogen 111, to produce dihydrosirohydrochlorin. Secondly, using a nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide coenzyme which binds to the N-terminal + + absorbance 300 400 500 700 600 wavelength FIG. 7 . Absorption spectrum of the reaction carried out by CysG in the presence of uroporphyrinogen 111 and SAM (----) and the spectrum after the addition of NADP * (-), The spectrum of the reaction in the absence of NADP is characteristic of that of a dipyrrocorphin, as would be expected during the formation of dihydrosirohydrochlorin(Warren et a1 1990b), whereas that in the presence of NADP+ with the absorption maximum at 378 nm is characteristic of an isobacteriochlorin, as expected during the formation of sirohydrochlorin (Warren et a1 1990a).

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