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By Julius Caesar; H. J. Edwards (trans.)

Книга содержит полный латинский текст знаменитой «Галльской войны» Гая Юлия Цезаря и английский перевод, статьи и указатели, а также карты и планы.
Автор текста VIII книги «Галльской войны» Авл Гирций (Hirtius A.).

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Exercitui GALLIC WAR, BOOK I watch with two legions and the guides who knew the route, and to climb the topmost ridge of the and he showed him his own intention. He height himself, starting in the fourth watch, marched speedily against the enemy by the same route which they had taken, sending forward the whole of the Publius Considius, reputed a past master in horse. art of war, who had seen service in the army the Sulla and afterwards in that of Marcus Lucius of was sent forward with the scouts.

Res per fugitivos L. Aemili, decurionis Gallorum, hostibus nuntiatur. equitum quod Helvetii, seu timore perterritos Romanos discedere a se existi- marent, eo magis, quod pridie superioribus occupatis non proelium commisissent, locis sive eo, quod re frumentaria intercludi posse confiderent, commutato consilio atque itinere converso nostros a novissimo agmine insequi ac lacessere coeperunt. 24 Postquam id animum advertit, copias suas Caesar in proximum collem subducit equitatumque qui Ipse interim sustineret hostium impetum misit.

Omnium ex conspectu aequato omnium periculo spem Caesar primum suo, deinde 25 remotis equis, ut 36 GALLIC WAR, BOOK I ration to the troops, and as he was no more than eighteen miles from Bibracte, by far the largest and the best-provided of the Aeduan towns, he considered that he must attend to the corn-supply. He therefore turned his line of march away from the Helvetii, and made with all speed for Bibracte. The change was reported to the enemy by some deserters from Lucius Aemilius, a troop-leader of the Gallic horse.

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Caesar: The Gallic War (Loeb Classical Library No. 72) by Julius Caesar; H. J. Edwards (trans.)

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