Building your First Mobile Game using XNA 4.0 - download pdf or read online

By Brecht Kets

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Construction a 3D video game for the home windows cellphone 7 platform. Drawing second and 3D portraits on home windows mobilephone. utilizing the wealthy features of the home windows cellphone platform. making a customized framework step-by-step that may act as a base for development (future) video games. a fascinating and arms on beginner's consultant to home windows cellphone 7 3D video game improvement utilizing XNA 4.0.

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This class is abstract, because we don't need to be able to instantiate it. info 3D Graphics Properties This class will have four properties, of which three are public. The position, rotation, and scale are public, while the World matrix is protected (the World matrix is the compiled version of the position, rotation, and scale, as explained in the previous section). The rotation is of type Quaternion, a structure that has four components, and very suited for holding rotations, because unlike matrices it avoids gimbal lock (gimbal lock is the loss of a degree of freedom that occurs when two axes become parallel).

We will have two overloads of the method PlayAnimation. One that has one argument that specifies if we should loop the animation, and one without, where we assume we should not loop. The reason we are using overloads is that version 3 of C# (the one we can use to build Windows Phone games) does not support default parameters. 1. The method will check if the animation is paused. If so, set paused to false and return. 2. Otherwise, it will set the IsPlaying property to true and IsLooping property to the desired value.

Private readonly string _assetFile; private Model _model; Constructor In the constructor, we will only store the path to the model. public GameModel(string assetFile) { _assetFile = assetFile; } Methods In this class we will override two methods, the LoadContent and Draw method. In the LoadContent method, we will load our model. In the Draw method, we will draw it. The only difference between this code and the previous is that we now use the View and Projection matrices of our camera, and we multiply the bone transform with the World matrix of the object (to move it around in the world).

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