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By Barry Jones

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From pioneering jets to the principles of a few of todays so much profitable airplane, the experimental airplane of the post-war years signify the main interesting years of British aviation. This publication tells their extraordinary tales, of the triumphs and frustrations of experimentation on the leading edge of aeronautical layout.

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The early horn-balanced tailplane is visible in this shot, as is the sloping jet-pipe orifice. Author's collection d velopment of a swept-wing aircraft from the Attacker. 41/46 was i sued, and over a year later, on 2 September 1947, Hawker got their P1040 airborn . Both companies received contracts to cover the building of two prototype of their respective swept-wing design, with upermarine's offerings being all cated serial numbers VV 106 and VV1 J 9. The Start Hursley Park, outside Winche tel', wa the company's experimental establishment and the foundations of both prototypes had been laid down there by the end of 1946.

However, the validity of the delta-wing as an aerodynamic shape had proved ro be capable of adapting to all that had been asked of it up to that date, and the continuation with the delta-wing bomber programme wa fully justified. Il,lhled manual connols to be retained on ,ide and electronic or powered conII lb on the other, thereby allowing conIrliLtive comparisons to be made. From dll"~ RAE trial, the modern 'fly-by-wire' Ilnrrol system evolved. lln~ number 7932M, it went to R F I mningley, where it joined WZ736.

Involved in its construction, 0 th Type 710 was dropped while till on the drawing board. To replace it, the company received contract 6/A FT/2205/CB(6)b to build one high-speed and two low-speed variants of the Type 707. Each aircraft wa to be powered by a Rolls-Royce Den-vent 5 turbojet producing 3,500lb (1 ,600kg) thrust, and metal was cut for the fir t aircraft in eptember 194 . First British Delta-Wing The fir t Type 707, allotted serial numb I' VX784, was to provide data for the Type 698 bomber, rather than investigate the from the Avro Athena trainer which had started being produced, while the no ewheel a embly and cockpit canopy came from Gloster's Meteor F.

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