Download e-book for iPad: Biological Oxidation by Carl Oppenheimer M.D., Ph. D., Kurt G. Stern Ph. D. (auth.)

By Carl Oppenheimer M.D., Ph. D., Kurt G. Stern Ph. D. (auth.)

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42 and 260). c) Acceptor Specificity. The most important development of WIELAND'S theory in recent years has been the recognition of specificity of dehydrogenases also with respect to the acceptor. In other words, we have come to realize that the acceptor too exhibits specific affinity for the catalyst, and not only the donator. The term affinity is applied here in the same sense as in the exposition of the general theory of catalysis. It represents a tendency to form complexes which may be interpreted either as adsorption or as residual valency compounds.

The second substrate may be a diphenol, p-phenylene diamine, dihydroxymaleic acid, or a thiol compound (for details see p. 70). g. hypoxanthine plus dehydrogenase. There will occur a dehydrogenation reaction closely resembling peroxidase action. This reaction is gaining more and more in importance: it may well be the normal sequence of reactions and it may have a considerable biological significance (p. 22). The first step consists in the autoxidation reaction proper yielding ~02. In the subsequent stage the metal acts on the peroxide in statu nascendi as a peroxidase.

Even more important are those experiments which concern the role of iron in oxidation by molecular oxygen as well as by hydrogen peroxide and which have led to entirely new points of view. 02 promotes the oxidation of the substrate by the scheme of ENGLER (A02 B ---+ AO BO) and comes to rest as ferric iron (see OPPENHEIMER 902»). For a catalysis, this scheme is insufficient since it cannot explain satisfactorily how the regeneration of the ferrous form is brought about. The possibility that the peroxide yields its entire oxygen to an acceptor and is thus reduced to the ferrous form would not be plausible as a general scheme.

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Biological Oxidation by Carl Oppenheimer M.D., Ph. D., Kurt G. Stern Ph. D. (auth.)

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