New PDF release: B-52 Stratofortress in action No 130

By Larry Davis

ISBN-10: 0897472896

ISBN-13: 9780897472890

Fifty eight pages. Profusely illustrated in b&w and colour.

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The E-4B has increased internal fuel for mi sions in excess of twelve hours' duration, but it can also be refuelled in flight to extend endurance to seventy-two hours. The increased fuel load, and other modifications, give the aircraft an all-up gro s weight of OO,OOOlb (362,870kg). The E-4B has a 1,200-kilovolt-amp electrical system, compared with the 240-kilovoltamp sy tems on the standard 747 ,driven by two ls0-kilovolt-amp generators mounted on each of the engines. Altogether, ninetyfour crew members can be carried on three deck.

It was the first 747 to feature straight-in loading of bulk cargo through a hinged-up nose-hatch, which Boeing termed a 'visor'. 4m) containers (the longest of which is 40ft (12m) and a 747-200F can carry six) to be loaded side by side through the nose. 3 x 3m) cargo side door which allows containers 10ft (3m) high to be loaded on board and carried in the rear part of the cabin. Boeing 712 Lower deck containers Bulk cargo compartment Max. volume Icu It)' Tare weight lib) Max. 050 8,100 6,000 • 707 Contour; • MIL 463L; t Imernal volume, ¥ Estimated; " Option; •• 29th pallet optional 773 FREIGHTERS FREIGHTER (Leh) In 1974 JAl.

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