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By P.S. Jackman, L.M. Smith

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Those papers from fresh eu Federation of Corrosion meetings, EURCORR '97 and EURCORR '98, care for advances within the realizing of corrosion and function of kit in upstream oil and gasoline operations. the outlet part comprises keynote papers on: the fabrics and corrosion view of rainy fuel transportation; and the modelling of low brought on localised corrosion from serious hydrodynamic facts and fracture mechanics facts of CO2 corrosion scales. The extra forty five papers hide carbon and occasional alloy steels, martensitic stainless steels, corrosion resistant alloys, galvanic corrosion, corrosion inhibitors and different fabrics.

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5 mm) were fixed in an internal stress meter originally developed to measure in situ the intrinsic stress of electroplated metal coatings [40] (Fig. 12). The intrinsic stress produced by the growing coating or scale results in a lengthening (compessive stress) or a shortening (tensile stress) of the steel strip which was measured directly with an accuracy of I ~tm. Equipment was developed for direct dilatometric measurements at ambient pressure and elevated pressures and temperatures. 5 mm) • • Fig.

7) are usually formed by aggregation of 10 to 100 monomers and reach diameters of 3-6 nm [32]. g. tetradecyltrimethylammonium bromide forms rod-like micelles of about 250 nm in length [33]. The formation of rod-like micelles above critical SAC concentrations and shear rates is a precondition for the drag reducing effect [34,35]. The flow itself orients the Spheroidal micelle, formed by aggregation of 10 to 100 monomers (diameter 3-6nm). Formation of rod-like micelles by aggregation of spheroidal micelles above critical monomer concentration and shear rates.

All three steps have in common that they produce unprotected surface sites where deep or shallow pitting will occur. At these pits the flow is disturbed. These surface imperfections create local turbulences which prevent scale re-formation above critical flow intensities. Under these conditions the erosion attack will propagate (Fig. 2). The following theoretical considerations are general. H o w e v e r , to date, experimental verification has been demonstrated only for scales from CO 2 corrosion of steel.

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