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Calculate the compression ratio of an engine that has a swept volume of 450 cm3 and a clearance volume of 50 cm3 . Solution Compression ratio swept volume + clearance volume clearance volume 450 + 50 500 = = = 10 1 50 50 500 = 50 = 10 1 = Percentages Percentages are used when making comparisons between quantities. 30 A person may earn £200 per week while a friend earns £220 per week. The friend earns £20 per week more. This may be expressed as a percentage as follows. 31 An engine that develops 120 kW is tuned to raise the power output to 145 kW.

9 The normal curve and two standard deviations – (b) Fig. 10 (a) and (b) Skewness Measures of skewness and the effect on samples When the frequency distribution is perfectly symmetrical, the mean, median and mode coincide. That is, mean = median = mode for symmetrical distributions. 15 In one week the wages of four men were £288, £308, £317, and £770. (a) Find the arithmetic mean of the men’s weekly wage. (b) Would you say that this mean (average) wage is typical of wages in this small group of men?

Because this type of bell-shaped curve normally occurs when chance events are plotted it is known as the normal distribution curve. Aspects such as the size of ball-bearings and the height of people are said to be normally distributed. Importance of the normal distribution Skew Distributions that produce the normal curve are symmetrical about the central value. 10 (a) and (b) and they are said to be skew. When the tail of the distribution extends into the larger values that are plotted on the horizontal axis, the distribution is said to be positively skewed, or right skewed.

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