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By Steven A. Shaw

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Such a lot Asian eating places are particularly eating places: one the place outsiders consume, and one the place insiders dine. So how will you turn into an insider and take complete benefit of Asian cuisines?

In this imperative advisor, eating professional Steven A. Shaw proves that you simply don't must be Asian to get pleasure from a VIP experience—you simply need to devour such as you are. via pleasing and richly advised anecdotes and essays, Asian eating Rules takes you on a travel of Asian eating places in North the USA, explaining the cultural and historic heritage of every cuisine—Japanese, chinese language, Southeast Asian, Korean, and Indian—and providing an in-depth survey of those usually daunting foodways. listed here are feedback for buying the main out of a cafe stopover at, together with the place to consume, the best way to have interaction with the workers, be handled like a typical, discover ways to devour open air the field, and order precise off-menu dishes irrespective of your point of convenience or knowledge.

Steven Shaw—intrepid reporter, impeccable tastemaker, and eater extraordinaire—is the best eating better half to accompany you in your trip to discover the easiest Asian eating event, each time.

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