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By David Carroll

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The secret surrounding the legend of King Arthur has eventually been solved and the query "did he rather exist?" answered.

'Arturius - A Quest for Camelot', is the results of six years' learn, and the e-book explains and proves past average doubt the truth and identification of King Arthur.

Using formerly missed proof from the seventh and eighth centuries advert, writer D. F. Carroll believes he has succeeded in ultimately fixing the mystery.

Most importantly, the publication is predicated on historic proof. The identify Arthur in its sixth Century advert shape is Artur, and because the clergymen who recorded the earliest heritage wrote in Latin, they recorded the identify as Arturius.

Any records the place the identify Arthur is spelled with an 'h' are not going to have originated from prior to the twelfth Century advert, and are consequently unreliable as proof of sixth Century history.

A universal grievance by way of readers of books just about King Arthur, is that regardless of how lengthy the e-book, or how jam-packed with details it can be, on the finish, the reader remains to be left asking the query, "but who was once Arthur?"

The reason behind this can be that almost all writers near to King Arthur cram their books choked with details, derived regularly from legends, myths, and poems that are traditionally of no price, and have the ability to create the semblance of getting defined to you who Arthur particularly used to be, the place in reality you continue to don't know the reply to the query, "but who was once Arthur?"

In this e-book, i've got used no legends or poems or myths, or the unreliable 'Annals of Wales'. as a substitute i've got used the extra trustworthy 'Annals of Ulster' and 'Annals of Tigernach', including Adomnan's 'Life of Columba'.

The booklet relies now not on legends, yet quite the simplest to be had old evidence.

Therefore, on the finish of this booklet, you won't be left to ask yourself "who rather used to be Arthur?", simply because this ebook will supply a transparent and unequivocal resolution to that query.

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Arthur was a Northern leader and proof of him is to be found in the literature of Scotland. Not a ghost figure or mythical King as in the literature of Wales. On the contrary, in literature belonging to the Scots he is mentioned as a Prince, a leader, a warrior, here we find him in black and white, no shadowy figure just glimpsed fleetingly behind some fantasy legend but rather a living breathing warrior. Columba” is an almost contemporary account, written just over one hundred years after the events it describes somewhere near the end of the 7th Century AD and there is no-one who would dispute the authenticity of this document.

58 MODRED AND KING LOT In the Arthurian romances, Medraut has developed into Modred, same person different spelling. This is in no-way unusual because, as well as a name developing a different spelling over the centuries, each region, that is of the Scots, the Welsh, the Saxons, all had a different spelling for the same place or person. Hence we find the Welsh calling the son of King Lot Medraut, while the Scots seem to have called him Moldreid or Meldred. In the Chronicles of the Scots and Picts, he is called Moldreid, son of Lot of Lowdianis, and he is Arthur’s opponent.

Bregimion is the British or Welsh equivalent of Bremium, the Roman fort near the village of High Rochester, it lay on the borders of the Ottadini tribe and again it is situated in the region between the Roman Walls. As for the first battle fought on the river Glein, there is a river Glen in Northumberland and this would seem to be the site of the battle. The second, third, fourth, and fifth were fought on the banks of the river Dubglas. There are several rivers called Douglas, the modern equivalent of Dubglas, again in the region between the Roman Walls.

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