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3(a) and below it the same section modified, by the introduction of camber. The aerofoil definitions are based upon the American NASA (National Aeronautical and Space Administration) series of sections. It should be noted that the thickness distribution along the chord of the section, the position and amount of camber and the radius of the leading edge circle determine the curvature and slope of the upper and lower surfaces at any point. Fig. 3 Basic aerofoil geometry. The pressure over an aerofoil surface is made up of three components, the last two of which have been combined here.

Maneuvering has to be carried out more gently and smaller accelerations must be applied if strain and failure are to be avoided. Most aircraft are now fitted with cockpit accelerometers that measure the normal acceleration in flight. Most heavy aeroplanes are also fitted with V—g recorders which maintain a continuous count of acceleration levels exceeded on every flight. 4 Tailless, tandem (conventional) and three-surface configurations There are basically three significant wing and stabilizer arrangements: tailless, tandem and three-surface.

Maneuver is a function of the response to applied power, and this depends upon the size and weight, the distribution of weight throughout the airframe and the stability of the aeroplane. (picture) Plate 4-1 BAe/Aerospatiale Concorde on landing, showing that separated leading-edge vortices have such intense suction in their cores that moisture in the air is condensed by the drop in pressure, forming transient cloud. Their origin is shown in Fig. 1 (see also Appendix D). 1 Unaccelerated (rectilinear) flight In its passage through the air an aeroplane sets up a pressure field, due to the reaction of the air over the whole airframe surface.

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