An Amazonian Myth and Its History (Oxford Studies in Social by Peter Gow PDF

By Peter Gow

ISBN-10: 0199241953

ISBN-13: 9780199241958

Uniting the ethnographic facts gathered by way of the fieldwork tools invented by way of Malinowski with Levi-Strauss's analyses of the family among fantasy and time, this e-book analyzes a century of social transformation of the indigenous Piro humans of Peruvian Amazonia. it really is a massive contribution to anthropological debates at the nature of background and social switch, in addition to on missed components akin to fantasy, visible artwork, and the methodological matters focused on fieldwork and archival info.

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By the head of the mission centre in Santa Clara that Artemio had rolel heI' that people in Santa Clara had decided that if I started to Idll people and kidnap their chilelren (an extra fear, new to me), they were going to rie me up and throw me il1ro the river. I neveI' did start killing people in Santa Clara, 01' kidnapping their children. Instead, dissatisfied anel alarmed wlth what I had founel in Santa Clara, I tried to do fie1dwork in the larg'e up-river community oi' Sepahua. There the fear of sacacaras was even more palpable in the general hostility I met with everywhere.

Such siek people wil! not be cured in a hospital, they need shamans. I eliel not recorel my reply, although doubtless it was some anodyne statement to the effeet that both Christianity and shamanry have their place. lt was growing late, anel I walkeel off to my house across the village, to write ali of this elown. A M an rvho was During anel after this conversation, anJ especially through the telling of the myth, I was very happy to have hearel a11 this. This myth, as told 10 me Artemio, seemed to me to be the so]ution to a serious problem I had: what Artemio anel other in Santa Clara thought that I was eloing living in their village.

This was nol accelltablc: on Bajo Urubamba, onc can ol1ly pay for 'whirc people's (ood' (iood which costs money). 'Real túod' is axiomalically [ree. Pcoplc in Santa Clara insisted ou feeding' me, lo demonstrare the abundance of local resources anel their own ability to lransf(mn this abundance into [ood. As a rcsl1lt, tlley managcd to projcet their own worries abouI hl1uger on to me, sllch Ihat I beca me eomtantly 'anxious' abollt feJOd (see Gow llJ89). A Pifo Myth in its Co11tex/ A Pito 111yth in its Context well'.

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