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2 No. 1 Urine Carcass Feces G I tract 003 92-84 014 0-25 009 0-25 85-39 0-26 0-29 015 0-34 101-92 016 010 010 0-21 93-38 019 0-21 011 Total 93-35 86-34 102-62 94-10 co 2 TABLE Time (hr) 5 Radioactivity in brain/in blood ± s . d . f 0-95 0-99 0-63 0-47 1 2~ 1 2 4 + 0-11 ±0-31 + 0-17 ±005 t Three animals per time. TABLE 6 G r o u p A (4 rats) G r o u p B (4 rats)f Radioactivity present in brain, dpm/g m e a n ± s . d . 3155±96 6604 ±1250 Radioactivity extracted from acid solution with 1 v o l u m e of ethylacetate, m e a n ± s .

N o trace of bufotenin has been detected in the urine of any of the thirteen patients, either before or during monoamine oxidase blockade. The sensitivity of the detection methods used, and the completeness of recovery of authentic bufotenin added to urine, is such that this compound should have been found had patients excreted as little as 2 |ig of bufotenin per day. N o other Nmethylated derivatives of serotonin or tryptamine have been detected in the urines of any of the patients studied to date.

1962) P h e n o m e n a o f the hypokinetic rigid type caused by O-methylation o f dopamine in the para-position, Nature, 1 9 3 , 193-^. FISCHER, E . , V A Z Q U E Z , A . J . , F E R N A N D E Z L A G R A V E R E , T. A . a n d LISKOWSKI, L . (1961a) Bufotenin i n h u m a n urine, Lancet, 1 , 890-1. FISCHER, E . , F E R N A N D E Z L A G R A V E R E , T. A . , V A Z Q U E Z , A . J . a n d D I S T E F A N O , A . O. (1961b) A bufotenin-like substance in the urine o f schizophrenics, Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 1 3 3 , 4 4 1 - 4 .

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