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At Copenhagen in June 1988, the eightieth Anniversary of the start of L D Landau, the a lot revered Soviet physicist and writer of the Course on Theoretical Physics, released by means of Pergamon Press, used to be celebrated with a world Symposium in his honour. The papers provided at that assembly are released right here, delivering an outline of modern development in theoretical physics, masking super-string theories, chaos, excessive Tc superconductivity and biomolecules.

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These amplitudes may also be constructed by direct evaluation of the functional integral over world-sheet metrics and embeddings. Other methods of construction include: sewing the exter­ nal legs of tree diagrams to make loops, group theory techniques for determining the form of the amplitudes algebraically, and others. There has also been very much effort invested in generalizing this analysis to the case of closed superstring amplitudes, using the formalism with world-sheet supersymmetry. In this case there are (2/ - 2) complex supermoawM which are anticommuting (Grassmann) coordinates—the supersymmetric analogues of the moduli.

3Adyx (det lmT)-13M(yu . . 3)M(yu A . . Ad^_3 . . 21) where yh yt are the moduli and T is the "period matrix" which is a matrix function of the moduli (that replaces τ in the one-loop case). The A's signify that the integrand is a 6g - 6 form on moduli space. * The partition function is the two-dimensional statistical mechanics analogue of the cosmological constant discussed earlier. 48 Michael B. Green FIGURE 7 A g-loop amplitude is described by a world-sheet of genus /. 21) is appropriate to D = 26 spacetime dimensions—only in this case does it take the simple form which again exhibits the holomorphic factorization (factorizing into the functions M and M) that was encountered in the one-loop case.

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