Hazel Trevethin's Advanced Typing Tasks PDF

By Hazel Trevethin

ISBN-10: 0333323203

ISBN-13: 9780333323205

ISBN-10: 1349061700

ISBN-13: 9781349061709

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Extra info for Advanced Typing Tasks

Sample text

GI\f\ Th-e.. ~ kM. l f ...... - CJ/ . ; eo~ s t A~ , ti "-ct M O'f"-e.. (J\Gl '1. f G ... ~ /cr- ti i s ~ b/-e.. /v;. 1I\ t::"" lS;~ I . J y-dY'€ to be. VV\ucA.. lfV'e.. b/e.. kA ~ ~'-~ SIlk- ..

S,. .... _ _ _ _ . _ _ _ _ . ): .. t. ~ Df ~ ~Y'SJL . L -Fo,," I ~. c-, -r~ 44~ G\. l. I:u. us. ____ . fhUcdJ e.. id-~ it. tS te} "'-Ilc:! tod~~. tl A+rs Form tiff of ~ . r. I. _ - - • Lines for the insertion of answers Ruled boxes Footnote Marginal instructions 34 TASK 33 (22 marks) Use plain A4 paper. UK EXPRESS CARD APPLICATION FORM Post to: Membership Secretary, UK Express Company, Folkestone, Kent. _.... __ Please invoice me in Pounds sterling Belgian francs Swiss francs c=J c=J c=J US dollars 0 Italian lire r=J Dutch guilders R~Q~~ Sl1ppl~~a T;~~__ / ~ ~e Foren"~• ~'C~ Relat~p I I -----~--~~~~ Jj French francs D Deutschmarks Other member 0 c=J o o~ ~il'.

K. (. twCGl~ ufo"" Tyne. Of-f,Ce. J. ~. l t~ t-o't' y~ I'\~O. M - I "'lJ. n "1-l H. ((- ~~t-~. H-R. JLS th', ~ It;. I. #2. ~O"W ~lt:L {it'. 's is. ,.. > f-}/1\M,d'tGM. JJ. {C~ ~t ~ 1--. fu ;t-~. tJ.. e~7 /3 -~. td. e.. ~ Y\crW tits ~. "'+ ~s. _ 0-"0'0. ~ U-pOV\ 1_. __ ct a. ~ (,(-SLOl~cJ Off, u. c.... IS O() ~iS. A>. W-\I\. /{~ to- JV\", M. -l J-V. ) (ClS. ~cJ... Po. r--k. Jh. J. II 'I bl/3 1C5DD • 15~· 1]00 4-. cd. a.. d C~plt<:;: Memorandum with carbon copy and envelope . e at ~. \tlIII\~JQ~~ II ACTW ~ Envelope marked 'Confidential' Justified right margin 24-hour clock Abbreviations 20 TASK 19 (30 marks) Use an A4 memorandum form and take one carbon copy on yellow paper.

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