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Entering through the original south transept many relics of the old abbey can be seen. There is a Roman tombstone, the remains of a Saxon Cross, a bronze chalice, and a rare Frith Stool. This seventh century stone seat represents a ‘sanctuary seat’, used during Wilfred’s time at Hexham. Probably one of the most impressive features to have survived from the monastic church is the monks’ night stair. Well trodden, and still in situ, some of the treads bear scars from the Scottish invasion of 1296 when molten lead dripped onto them from the burning roof.

This Augustinian foundation was never large or important, and suffered financial difficulty for much of its life due to the continual expenses involved in draining the marshes and maintaining the river walls. One delightful story associated with Lesnes Abbey concerns the great, great grand daughter of its founder. Roesia spent much of her early life within the confines of the abbey, and became very attached to the place. Eventually, she married and moved away but she never forgot those happy years at Lesnes, and made a request that her heart be buried there when she died.

Most of the stone was quarried away for local building needs, and three new houses were built on the site. A manse (minister’s house) and stables were erected over H 45 the west range, and mills were built at the south-east corner of the cloister that remained in use until the 1960s. particularly delightful aspect of Jedburgh Abbey is the reconstructed cloister garden, which has been designed and planted to give an impression of the typical monastic garden from the 1500s. The cloister garden not only provided the space for growing essential herbs, used regularly in cooking and medicinal recipes, but it was also a quiet area away from the abbey where the monks could spend periods of contemplation.

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