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By James Baldwin

ISBN-10: 1599150263

ISBN-13: 9781599150260

Pyrrhus Press makes a speciality of bringing books lengthy outdated again to existence, permitting today’s readers entry to yesterday’s treasures.
This is a concise examine Greek mythology and a few of the legends of its most renowned characters.

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Keeping close to the northern shore they rounded capes and headlands, and skirted the mouths of deep inlets, where Phemius said strange monsters often lurked in wait for unwary or belated seafarers. But they passed all these places safely, and saw no living creature, save some flocks of sea-birds flying among the cliffs, and one lone, frightened fisherman who left his net upon the sands, and ran to hide himself in the thickets of underbrush which skirted the beach. Late in the day they came to the mouth of a little harbor which, like one in Ithaca, was a favored haunt of old Phorcys the elder of the sea.

The Most Beautiful Woman in the World Chapter XIII. A Race for a Wife Chapter XIV. How a Great Hero Met His Master Chapter XV. Long Live the King! Chapter XVI. The Children of Prometheus Chapter XVII. A Cause of War Chapter XVIII. An Unwilling Hero Chapter XIX. Heroes in Strange Garb Chapter XX. Becalmed at Aulis Chapter XXI. The Long Siege CHAPTER I A Glimpse of the World TO the simple-hearted folk who dwelt in that island three thousand years ago, there was never a sweeter spot than sea-girt Ithaca.

If only the half of what you have told me be true," said the boy, "I cannot rest until I have seen some of those strange lands, and learned more about the wonderful beings which live in them. " "My dear boy," said Phemius, laughing, "your mind has been greatly changed within the past few moments. When we came here, a little while ago, you thought that Neritus was the grandest mountain in the world, and that Ithaca was the centre round which the earth was built. Then you were cheerful and contented; but now you are restless and unhappy, because you have learned of possibilities such as, hitherto, you had not dreamed about.

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