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By W. T. Stace

ISBN-10: 1479145785

ISBN-13: 9781479145782

The traditional Greek philosophers have performed a pivotal function within the shaping of the western philosophical culture. This e-book surveys the seminal works and concepts of key figures within the old Greek philosophical culture from the Presocratics to the Neoplatonists. It highlights their major philosophical matters and the evolution of their notion from the 6th century BCE to the 6th century CE.

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Some intuitions may provide evidence against a given analysis but, because the analysis is especially simple or fruitful or illuminating, the balance of evidence may be against those intuitions. Our earlier hypothetical example of Ned might produce an intuition against analytical behaviourism. But here is another hypothetical example that might produce an intuition for it. Suppose that you were to discover that none of your best friends’ heads contain brains but instead cogs and motors that regulate their behaviour towards you.

Another way of saying this is that (S ) is an analytic truth (as opposed to a synthetic truth). A conceptual truth is a conceptually necessary truth. So (S ) expresses a conceptually necessary truth. Another way of saying this is that (S ) is an analytically necessary truth. (3) An analysis is informative. ” One way in which this requirement has been met is by further requiring that the analysis is non-circular. ” This non-circularity requirement also establishes the direction of analysis: it establishes which term is the analysandum and which the analysans.

The availability of multiple analyses for the same concept is a further problem for our model of philosophical analysis. This problem will be presented in §7. Another problem is that people can have concepts without being able to specify necessary and sufficient conditions for their correct application. This subject matter has been emphasized by the later Wittgenstein and also by some recent psychological theorizing. Its bearing on our model of philosophical analysis will be taken up in §8. Lastly, are there any successful philosophical analyses?

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