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By Andreas Reiserer

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This thesis stories on significant steps in the direction of the belief of scalable quantum networks. It addresses the experimental implementation of a deterministic interplay mechanism among flying optical photons and a unmarried trapped atom. specifically, it demonstrates the nondestructive detection of an optical photon. To this finish, unmarried rubidium atoms are trapped in a three-d optical lattice on the heart of an optical hollow space within the robust coupling regime. complete keep an eye on over the atomic nation — its place, its movement, and its digital nation — is completed with laser beams utilized alongside the resonator and from the facet. while faint laser pulses are mirrored from the resonator, the mixed atom-photon kingdom acquires a state-dependent part shift. In a primary sequence of experiments, this can be hired to nondestructively become aware of optical photons via measuring the atomic country after the mirrored image technique. Then, quantum bits are encoded within the polarization of the laser pulse and within the Zeeman country of the atom. The state-dependent section shift mediates a deterministic common quantum gate among the atom and one or successively mirrored photons, that is used to generate entangled atom-photon, atom-photon-photon, and photon-photon states out of separable enter states.

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3 a Rubidium level scheme with the employed Raman transitions (not to scale). The laser is stabilized to a frequency corresponding to the energy difference between the two gray lines. It is detuned by from the atomic transitions on the D1 line at 795 nm. The individual beams (red lines) are switched on and off and shifted in frequency using two acousto-optical modulators (AOMs). 5 GHz. e. 8 GHz). b Examples of Raman transitions in the Rubidium level scheme, including all hyperfine (F) and Zeeman (m F ) ground states.

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Ritter, G. Rempe, Nondestructive detection of an optical photon. Science 342(6164), 1349–1351 (2013). 1246164. org/ content/342/6164/1349 59. A. , A quantum gate between a flying optical photon and a single trapped atom. Nature 508(7495), 1349–1351 (2014). 00010, ISSN: 0028-0836. 1038/nature13177. 1 State Initialization and State Detection The controlled phase gate mechanism that is implemented in this thesis is based on an atomic three-level system, where two of the levels are strongly coupled via the cavity, while the other level is far detuned.

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